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Leadership Teams

The heart and soul of successful businesses and organizations are leadership teams. We set you up for success.

Resilience Training

Fundamental to thriving in today’s constantly disrupted and changing social ecology, building resilience is no longer an option. It’s essential.

International NGOs

More stakeholders means less margin for error. Put the very best in place so you do more. Give more. Impact more.


There is little more valuable than nailing it from the get go. Investing in your future starts with building powerful rubrics into your organization from the start.

TQ™ Leaders Lab 

Learn the essentials of “soft-power” leadership. Get the tools needed to get you started testing out the mindset and skills that can become your impactful soft power. In 6 weeks or less you will turn overwhelm into clarity and begin meeting challenges as opportunities to uncover new strengths, allies and possibilities. 


Build personal transformative resilience


5 Keys to unlocking other' potential


3 Tools for harnessing human potential

Advocacy Algorithm

The specialized knowledge provided in this in-depth course is what all successful NGO diplomats and advocates rely on to turn dreams to impact global policy into know-how at the UN.


Save precious time and money


Learn in weeks what others take years to learn


Self Study or Add Group Coaching

Ultimate Negotiators Masterclass

Learn the mindset and 10 essential skills of transformative negotiating.

Engage in crucial and high-stakes conversations with clarity and confidence.


Build confidence to handle every conversation—personal and professional


Learn exactly what to do in high-stakes conversations


Learn strategies for uncovering crucial information that makes all the difference


Customized 3-month training programs are designed around the way adults learn and the TQ™ rubric. In just 3-months, you and your team build new skills and capacities that you will use and hone for years to come.








These 6 – 12 month programs are designed for leadership teams preparing for and engaging in organizational optimization.

These are designed around your unique organization and priorities.


Human centered design


Robust methodologies


Our lean approach prevents retains focus & prevents mission creep


We first work with you to ensure we can help you make the difference and impact you want. Once this is done, we work with you to customized your change project.

Everything is designed around your team, your organization and your priorities.


We take you by the hand...


And quickly get out of the way


You learn fast and own all the outcomes!

The Human Element

Experiential Learning

Whether it is curriculum design, core business processes, or customer service,  people’s experience is is fundamental to success.

Building soft skills into business is often the hardest work to do.

Digitizing your work may be challenging, but the often over-looked development of human capacities—at the core of business and social success—is mostly undervalued and overlooked.

Baking this element into your business from its core is leveraged through experience-oriented products. Leverage the experiential approach to put the chances of success on your side.

GDE focuses on the  Human Element in all aspects of the business. And building in meaningful experience is essential at every level and stage. so that your products and services, course-work an more, uplevels your success rates from the teens to the eighties.

Turn your plans into routine success!



Draws on the TQ™ framework


Engages the whole person


Includes key elements almost all other training programs omit

Global Development Enterprise, LLC has been training international leaders since 2007. Focused on strategic change, we work with tech companies, international NGOs, start-ups and established organizations.


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