Ten years ago, internet marketing was a novel term. Today, the average marketer needs to be tuned in to the internet, psychology, tech developments AND the uniqueness of each market.

Even a few years ago a business could hang up their digital shingle,  pay their annual domain fees, and get more than a fair return on that investment. But those wild west days are gone. Relevance and visibility get businesses noticed and these are what small and local businesses with their few marketing dollars need to focus on.

With the increasing cascades of information and software-as-a-service (SaaS) available, coding geeks are not enough to ensure your website serves your business needs. It is sad how complex our world has made even the simplest things in life, but ’tis true.

Perhaps not only at the beginning of time did order come out of the chaos, and many continue to hope for that today. Meanwhile, many small businesses face the challenges of survival in tough economic times compounded with growing complexities on every front. Taxes are not simple. Computers have provided new means to demand increasing amounts of information and allocation of precious time. The pace of change has escalated and yet basic human needs remain pretty much the same as ever, including the need for time to breathe!

internet marketing agency servicesTalk about a long way of saying, there are many facets to sustaining a business today! And we could add to that, that the online world is impacting business powerfully—whether we want it to or not, because it is impacting the way people live, what they are looking for and how.

All this makes creating the best kind of internet-related partnerships all the more important! And while a list of services certainly doesn’t qualify any agency, still, we need to indicate the scope of work that can be provided when needed.

Menu of Services Related To Internet Marketing

Therefore GDE provides a comprehensive suite of services for small and medium businesses including:

  • Pre-Planning Consultation
  • Existing Online Presence Review (FREE)
  • Graphics Creation
  • Hosting
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Document Conversion
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Internet Traffic Building
  • Existing Site Upgrades
  • Audio transcribing
  • Augmenting your existing site with a mobile site
  • Video marketing
  • Search Enging Optimization—On and Off site
  • Email and direct marketing
  • Social Site Set-up and Integration (Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
  • Membership and training sites
  • Info Marketing
  • Setting you up for Live Webinars and Training
  • … and more

Got questions? Drop us an email or pick up the phone and call us at:
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