Yesterday & Tomorrow

Legendary Teams

that Change the World

Organizations & society are increasingly complex and often volatile. Agility and adaptability can no longer be the key hallmarks of one leader or CEO.

Exceptional leadership teams are the leadership edge needed for success today. 

There's a Reason

… entrepreneurs, activists and international businesses rely on GDE. In technology oriented  and customer-facing services, people make decisions in a moment’s notice. Optimally, in that moment, they align every resource possible toward success. But there is a lot that gets in the way today.

In reality?

Humans are naturally optimized for life. But how many times do we shoot ourselves in the foot or undermine our own best interests?

Today’s successful businesses build into their culture, ways to expand trust, cultivate foresight, and encourage bold compassion and action. And they know the enormouse value of accumulated small actions.

GDE trains and coaches so your teams quickly learn the essentials that accumulate through their work days, weeks and years.

GDE’s innovative leadership development method (TQ) gives your business the leadership edge you need when failure is not an option and optimal performance is your goal.

Leadership Development the Makes a Measurable Difference
Not all people have titles. But all are leaders. Developing skills, mindsets and group habits all have the capacity to turn your business into a leader in your industry.
Leadership is about creating focus, developing awareness, building skills, and making decisions. With the increasing complexity of life, having proven skills that include emotional fitness as well as mental and physical fitness is increasingly essential.
Transformational Leverage Points
What are your organizational pressure points for implementing change? Or perhaps you are still trying to determine your business’  biggest black hole into which people and resources seem to keep disappearing?
Putting this another way, is leadership development in your business increasing at the same speed as the changes you want in your organization? If not, you are in for pain.
A strategic focus is on your leadership teams. Your leadership teams make the difference between success and failure today.
Change that positively infects the whole organization begins in your leadership teams.
Plugging the Hole in Your Talent Bucket
Talent burn and churn is at its highest in tech companies followed closely behind by retail sales jobs. 
Is this a fact of life in technology or are there things that can be done to change these numbers? What would it mean to your bottom line to reduce your talent losses by 1% or 5%.
When you are ready to cut your losses and shift from industry norm to the high end of talent retention, call. Connect. Act systematically.  
Detox for Your Organizational (or Team) Culture
Teams and organizations are living biomes, and it doesn’t take much to make them toxic.
When you are aiming for success and working hard to build your business, one brutal truth is that if you do not get your culture right during and after implementing changes, you are most certainly going to fail. In other words, if your staff or board members are not along for the ride, you will be in a world of growth and transformational pain. 
And crafting your organization’s culture is not just about free coffee and flex hours. It’s about relationships and the unspoken assumptions and invisible conversations that wander freely around the coffee pots and lunch halls.
Intelligent transformation involves much more than improving technologies within a business to be faster or more cost-efficient. It’s also about mindset and relationships between leadership and teams at all levels. Working on these latter two is essential to high-performance company-wide. Healthy organizational cultures means the organization can handle today’s pace of change well. In healthy cultures, staff feel protected, appreciated, respected, and fulfilled. They give perform better and staff changes drop. The theory is not rocket science, but crafting an exceptional culture takes more than paying lip-service to the goal! 
Training or Coaching?
A Trainer Lights A Fire Under Someone. 
A Coach Lights A Fire Inside Someone.
A Trainer Affects The Hour They Are With Someone.
A Coach Affects The Hours They Are Not With Someone.
A Trainer Works Hard To Get Through The Session.
The Coach Hopes To Get Through To Someone.
A Trainer Forgets The Job Is Not To Remind People About problems.
A Coach Remembers The Job Is To Solve Them.
A Trainer Stretches Your Legs.
A Coach Stretches Your Limits. 
A Trainer Counts Your Reps.
A Coach Discounts Your Excuses.
A Trainers Is Concerned With How Much Time You Put In.
A Coach Is Concerned With How Much You Put Into The Time.
A Trainer Wants You To Do Your Best.
A Coach Wants You To Do Better Than Your Best.
A Trainer Is Concerned More With How, Where And When.
A Coach Is Concerned More With Who, What And Why.
A Trainer Develops And Delivers Your Workout.
A Coach Creates And Cultivates Your Purpose. 
Training Is Something You Do For Someone.
Coaching Is Something You Do With Someone.

The Human Element

Tech companies are driving change across the world, yet often they are losing their own through burn and churn just as fast. They see it, measure it, and too often, don’t know what to do.

Advising & Mentoring

Change leaders, start-ups, social entrepreneurs and NGOs exceptional at what they do, too often waste months & years when they don’t have a plan for  social impact.


Strategic Up-Skilling

Individuals and businesses need to learn on the job. The days of gradual change have long gone. And today “soft” skills are no longer optional.


Team Coaching

Limited but priceless options for individual coaching options and group coaching is available to support training and up-skilling to help make progress stick. Not only gymnasts need a good finish!

Drop Us a Line or Set Up a Face-toFace

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