Global Connect

Innovative digital and social technologies are re-shaping our world.

When technologists and social leaders work together, we all benefit.

If your technology is groundbreaking and has implications for the global community, consider attending the Kyoto at for the 2020 Crime Congress in Kyoto as part of Global Connect.


2020 Crime Congress Connect

» Engage global crime and justice leaders

» Showcase your unique contribution to peace and justice

» Meet leaders and experts

» Expand your international network

» Devise & Present strategic recommendations

» Forge lucrative partnerships

» Be Challenged to go global not just because you can, but because you see things others do not.  

If you are ready to step onto the global leadership stage— because your business will re-shape global conversations—apply for one of the select 12 places in Global Connect: 2020

A Mastermind Experience

Access the collaborative power of a mastermind group focused on business and global impact

Peace & Justice

Engage world leaders in crime prevention and criminal justice policy and implementation

Experienced Support

High level coaching and facilitation to ensure you make an impact during the Crime Congress

Lucrative Partnerships

Make the connections and take the opportunity to uplevel your business

Global Connect 2020 Application