Today is definitely a rainy day, with plenty of clouds overhead cloaking the blue sky. Ironically, it is the Cloud that has the hope of shedding some light on practical ways forward for managing our growing computing needs in an ever-more computer-dependent and globalizing world.

So for those rather smaller ones of us who enjoy the humor and drama today’s computers afford, you can take a quick look at how we might imagine Cloud Control can position us:

But beyond the humor and grandiose adventurism our imaginations (and today’s technologies) afford, there are important changes to be aware of and resources that need to be accessed even by small and local businesses when we want to stay “in the picture” and discover that today’s harsh economy is still Mother Nature urging us to change with the times and evolve.

As mystical as “cloud computing” may seem, it really is just another way of give us access to our work through a different mechanism. In some ways it increases the layers of complexity (technologically) but to the user, it actually enhances our capacities and can also serve to untether us from one screen and keyboard.

In many enterprise level businesses, there are monitors at desks that tap into a much larger main frame. The cloud simply pushes that “mainframe” into the more ethereal space “out there.” Yes, it is somewhere. It is some huge mainframe that most likely has far larger computing power than the local one, can be accessed as easily from NYC, LA, Bangkok, London, Beijing or Moscow and can in the end, save many a business (just not all) from having to have their own tech teams, hardware, rooms, buildings and coolers to house them, maintain them, upgrade them, trouble-shoot them and get mad at them.

Specialization Brings Benefits

Someone still needs to do that, but it is another form of specialization that is underway.

The Cloud can give us access to software that we don’t have to continually upgrade or manage. We can log into our desk from anywhere. Businesses can even save downtime with more stable download ability of key data, video, info.

So it really isn’t anything too mysterious, and in fact, every time you log into your google mail account, watch a youtube video or sign into Facebook, you are already tapping into the cloud.

There are just a few more options that are now becoming available to small and medium businesses, and they are everywhere. Whether you are looking to get your local business found more easily, utilize mobile marketing, check and track how your business is faring online, you will benefit from the Cloud.

How To Get Cloud Control?

Now how to get Cloud Control… and really get on top of all this internet marketing stuff out there? When all the pieces are not pulled together into an effective online marketing system, the task seems impossible. When you’ve got all the pieces in place,  and the water is running, we can’t seem to see what was such a big deal!

Systems are important, especially for local business and non-profits. Benefiting from the knowledge and resources of larger companies is what helps.

Tap into the resources of larger business at least in your SEO and online presence work.  We will get you found, seen and heard in the places where it matters for your business.

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