NGO Academy: Online Training for International NGO Representatives in NGO DiplomacyCurriculum design is fundamental to |GDE| and a key aspect to learning success is making courses experiential.

Having run ocean-based experiential youth leadership training programs for 10- years, the founder knows the value of bringing experience into learning. Building skills, and especially the “soft” ones, is significantly leveraged through experience. The workplace and online training can be boosted massively by integrating experiential components.

Whether working with start-ups, non-profits or for-profit, in today’s fast-paced world, ongoing training is more and more essential. And those training programs don’t come out of thin air!

GDE builds Experience Products so that your training and course-work changes course success rates from the teens to the eighties, ensuring your big ideas and essential questions successfully educate your teams and stakeholders.

The NGO Academy has been significantly influenced the development of Global Development Enterprise, LLC. |GDE|. The online and instructor-led training and coaching helped develop core capacities of |GDE| and this specific online training impacts the global community.

With the additional significant shift afoot toward mobile everything, |GDE| also provides support and services to main street businesses and grassroots organizations that need to make that shift and do it well.