Curriculum Design & Staff Development

NGO Academy: Online Training for International NGO Representatives in NGO DiplomacyCurriculum Design

Curriculum design is fundamental to many elements of  |GDE|. Whether working with non-profits or for-profit, in today’s fast-paced world, ongoing training is more and more essential. And those training programs don’t come out of thin air!

Strong curriculum design for online and instructor led learning is essential for the optimization of all resources—financial, time and human. Our educational approach is to utilize “big ideas and essential questions” as a way to educate for performance.

The NGO Academy has been significantly influenced the development of Global Development Enterprise, LLC. |GDE|. The online and instructor-led training and coaching helped develop core capacities of |GDE| and this specific online training impacts the global community.

With the additional significant shift afoot toward mobile everything, |GDE| also provides support and services to main street businesses and grassroots organizations that need to make that shift and do it well.

Staff Development

Training for International Activists

The NGO Academy is the only online training center for NGO representatives, interns and volunteers of its kind. It was designed specifically for those who want to impact, influence and lobby at the UN…

We help turn “visitors with badges” into NGO diplomats, ready and able to engage, influence and work with diplomats and UN officials.

Professional and Personal Development for Entrepreneurs, Staff & Volunteers

We support the transition of small organizations to the online world and match this with the increased relevant knowledge and understanding needed to integrate online components.

We also help develop capacity building resources such as info and training videos on essential “how-to’s” for staff and volunteer development.

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