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About GDE

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Transform your team into a legendary force by fostering an environment of excellence through exceptional leadership, clear communication, and intentional focus on personal and collective growth.

Harness the often chaotic energies of change to boost your team’s success by developing power skills that build emotional fitness, resilience, adaptability, and innovation in the modern business landscape.

Experience a new edge in your leadership

Leadership is about driving change and innovation, both internally and within organizations and relationships. With the rapidly changing landscape, there is a need for a new leadership model that is equipped to handle future challenges.

At the heart of our Transilient Leadership approach, based on the TQ™ Framework, is the identification of the key skills and traits necessary for success in a complex and disruptive world.

It is important to note that leadership is distinct from management. Leadership is about setting direction, unifying people around a shared vision, and inspiring and enabling action. It is not just a title or role, but a critical component for thriving in today’s world.

Our Vision

To provide the best training and support that equips individuals and teams to lead transformative change.

Our Mission

To cultivate the transformative resilience, problem-solving expertise, and visionary change leadership of core leaders and their teams by providing coaching, consulting, and training programs that equip them with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to drive impact as civil society partners with the United Nations.

Our Approach

GDE recognizes that motivated individuals learn and adapt quickly and that emotional fitness is often overlooked in education and by societal norms.

As a result, emotional fitness has become a significant weakness affecting all areas of life.

To address this imbalance, GDE focuses on soft-power skills training, which is essential for personal and organizational success in the face of rapid technological and digital changes.

Our approach is not driven by the belief that emotions are more important than survival or cognitive functions, but by the need to restore balance and give humanity the best chance of thriving in the midst of rapid change.

Karen Judd Smith, DM

Karen Judd Smith, DM


Karen advises, trains and coaches change leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs. She draws on years of experience in diverse environs—from the UN to oceanic enterprises, the tech world and interreligious peacebuilding. The common thread is her focus on optimizing human performace, driven by her profound belief in the urgency of activating the largely latent potential of each and every person. 

Chaplain Marilyn Morris, BCC

Chaplain Marilyn Morris, BCC


Our Chief Resilience Officer has 25 plus years addressing the profound challenges of people working their way through loss and grief.

Chaplain Marilyn has worked in inner-city trauma centers, hospice, and with those working their way through many of life’s transitions and providing support and insight for their life and spiritual journeys.

Kevin Smith, MBA

Kevin Smith, MBA


Stepping back from NYC hotel management and executive directorship of continuing care retirement communities in CA and PA, Kevin focused on helping emerging leaders thrive. Kevin brings his deep knowledge of how organizations best support heart-driven workers, entrepreneurs and activists in their challenging work.

Global Development Enterprise, LLC has been training international leaders since 2007. Focused on strategic change, we work with tech companies, international NGOs, and start-up social enterprises.



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