About Karen Judd Smith

Karen Judd Smith advises and coaches business and organizational leaders looking to optimize the best of their humanity in an increasingly digital world. Even digital transformation is less about digitization and more about how to work better together.

By cultivating self-knowledge and personal and social skills, tools and systems, she helps those in high-stress, high-stakes work to thrive.

Working with leaders and leadership teams in the art and science of what she calls Transilient Leadership, she helps people quickly elicit the business and life-leadership edge they need to succeed in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Uniquely, she helps people find fun and meaning in challenge!

Karen has worked in the international arena for more than twenty years, working with and engaging heads and former heads of state, diplomats, global change-agents and thought leaders, NGO activists and religious leaders in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and North and South America and brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to her work that few have.

As a thought leader and “don’t just talk about it” activist, Karen helps leaders discover, and quickly utilize, personal resources they have overlooked or didn’t even know they had. By providing action templates she makes change and difference happen faster than most think is remotely possible. 

While teams are her passion, she knows that each person has enormous, largely untapped potential and that stand-out teams are built by stand-out individuals.

Her Impact and Influence 3-Day Intensives (I3) puts you and your team in charge of personal and organizational transformation so that businesses—startups and established alike—take charge of their ship and where it is headed rather than being lost at sea, struggling to survive in turbulent and dangerous waters. 

Karen is still the New York Chair of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, founder of the NGO-Academy.com is the author of her bestselling book “United Nations Unlocked.” WIth the help of her adult children, she has become an early adopter of immersive VR games for her daily fitness regimen.



“Karen unlocks underutilized team capacities”




GDE Main Address

39 California St., #182
Valley Springs, CA 95252

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