THE Leadership Edge

Our future is in the hands of those with the courage, skills and mindset to lead.

Power Skills = STEM Mindset + Soft Skills.

*Leveraging EVERY dimension of human capacity is essential. Just as STEM education was long underestimated, so have soft skills been. Upgrading these skills gives leadership at every level of the organization an edge. Wisdom matters. And wisdom rests on activated knoweldge.

Global Development Enterprise

Power Skills

Adding soft skills to the STEM mindset.

Our information dense world is full of bright, convincing, well-informed voices. But knowing about and knowing how-to are worlds apart.

Remove the guesswork and shorten your soft skills learning curve.

Our world-class training programs give you the leadership edge increasingly essential in our tech-leveraged world. Fast!


Potent Soft Skills


Human centered design




What we offer

Leadership Teams

The heart and soul of successful businesses and organizations are leadership teams. We set you up for success.


Today’s leaders benefit from coaching and mentoring. Powered by Transilience™, you build future-proofed transformative resilience.

International NGOs

More stakeholders means less margin for error. Put the very best in place so you do more. Give more. Impact more.


There is little more valuable than nailing it from the get go. Investing in your future starts with building powerful rubrics into your organization from the start.

It’s Time to Thrive!

Don’t wait until decline is measurable. Don’t miss another prime opportunity because your teams are burning out or overwhelmed. Don’t wait until you HAVE to do something. Get on it today.

Global Development Enterprise, LLC has been training international leaders since 2007. Focused on augmenting the STEM mindset (iterative, adaptive, systems thinking) with the soft skills fundamental to effective change leadership, we work with tech companies, international NGOs, start-ups and established organizations. This is STEM+.


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